The Moon Is Drifting Away From Earth - The Mulberry Fork Review

   She grew up exactly nine house down from me, Alice, and wrote in journals which she’d bury in the backyard once they were filled. She wanted the dirt to decompose her pages and inseminate plants with her words and for bees to pollinate the earth with little parts of her. Back then I didn’t know the meaning of quixotic and was immune to its implications. Back then there were no leaks in our hearts and every pain was from something we’d eventually fall in love with.

I Heard You Get Taller - Peachfish Magazine

“You know it’s unbecoming to inquire about another man’s finances.”
“You brought it up.”
“Well you asked me why I looked so happy.”

They All Lie - The Riding Light Review

 Ortega does her thing and voila, lift off. We ascend slowly, the ship shuddering like a fawn getting to its feet for the first time. I’d always imagined myself dying at the hands of an Enemy firing squad or midnight air raid or even diphtheria or some such disease - but now I play a fantasy number where our GoPod barely makes it past the tree line before breaking apart and spilling us all out like a handful of pennies. Yet somehow we pick up speed, and I think about how funny it is that no matter where one is in the world, it all looks the same through the viewscreen of a GoPod approaching escape velocity. The colors melt together like warm toffee until all that’s left is a piercing hot whiteness that gets so bright, so impossibly bright, that it seems to get inside the ship. It eddies around the seated bodies and mixes with the chemistry. Closing your eyes does jack. You can feel it soak into your skin like water into dirt on a hot summer day. And then blackness. Silence. Coasting gently on Earth’s exhale.

Replenished - The Belleville Park Pages

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