I'm a freelance writer living in Chicago. For seven years I’ve been using a thesaurus my brain to write articles, copy, and web content that drives traffic and increases conversions.

Be it short-form or long, sales-oriented or technical, I give each project my full attention and always deliver on time. I've created taglines that stick in your head, mission statements that stick in your heart, and landing pages that stick to your shoe. I make glue-traps with words. Word glue!

I also run a small t-shirt business called Bird Fur Tees and make the comedy podcast We'll Let You Know.

Why I Write

The first string of words to stop me dead in my tracks and kick open the door to my mind was from the poem The Sundays of Satin-Legs Smith by Gwendolyn Brooks. It reads:

Since a man must bring to music what his mother spanked him for

Never had so much been said in so few words. I mean holy shit, Gwendolyn Brooks just explained rock n’ roll in thirteen words! Are you kidding me?

Since then I’ve spent countless hours writing everything from short stories and song lyrics to product descriptions and blog posts, trying to create something that comes within a whisker of that line’s concentrated power.

And that’s what I’ll do for you. I look at every project as an opportunity to flex my creative muscles and produce something compelling. The gold standard is the Gwendolyn Brooks line and – whether I’m conscious of it or not – I shoot for it every time I start a new document.