Some Kind Words From Good People


Josh is one of the top writers I've worked with, and I would highly recommend him. He was able to transform my rough outlines into substantive, engaging, well-crafted pieces of content that struck just the right tone  and were chock-full of new, compelling ideas. He is punctual in completing projects and very accepting of feedback and edits. Basically, he is willing to work until the assignment is 100% complete, which is hugely valuable.  - Dan Murphy of Culture Amp

Josh helped me with my company brand statement and I could not be happier. I threw an hours worth of information and studies at him, and what came out was amazing. I couldn't believe how attentively he listened to my requests. Josh was able to make connections where I would never have thought to and made what I passionately rambled on about sound elegant and witty. The result was an expertly crafted story with a unique writing style that you cannot get anywhere else. His humor and virtuosity come through in every sentence. - Nick Sparks of Nick Sparks Weddings 

I just had to stop in the middle of one of Josh's posts I am editing to leave him a recommendation. He is one of the very, very few writers who makes me smile while I'm reading his work. One, because he's funny as hell, and two, because it requires me to do little to no editing every single time. I've never met someone more consistent, reliable and a doll to work with. Because I just can't say it enough, I LOVE Josh's work. Highly, highly recommend him for any and all of your writing projects - yes, even technical, difficult ones. - Lauren Holliday of Freelanship 

Josh was fabulous to work with. He understood my business needs and developed a great strategy to ensure the success of my project. - Robbie Balan of Offbalans Branding