We’ll Let You Know

a scripted comedy podcast project featuring fake job interviews for fake jobs

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Greta, a cannibal, interviews Arnie to see if he qualifies for consumption. Arnie is depressed and wants to commit suicide by cannibalism, but does Greta have something else planned this walking sack of meat? On Spotify ... On YouTube

Earth wants to destroy all the humans living on him so he interviews Asteroid to see if he can get the job done. You try not committing mass extinction when people keep dropping spaghetti all over you! On Spotify ... On YouTube

Francis from Sometimes Dead is Better Dead Dream Cemetery interviews Kendra for a Dream Keeper position. This is life under the tyrannical rule of the Were-Worm King, where dreams are buried and forgotten. Kendra has had to bury some dreams of her own. Is that why she wants to work here? On Spotify ... On YouTube

Mark the Yogurt Cup and Wendy the Ball Pit Ball from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch Housing Association interview potential tenant Greg the Pudding Lid. On Spotify ... On YouTube

Tess the praying mantis wants to hire a hitbug to kill her psychotic husband. On Spotify ... On YouTube

The dragon Rorganblath the Death Bringer interviews the dragon Gilgathor the Merciless for a gold hoarder job at a dragon gold hoarding company. On Spotify ... On YouTube

Hannah's egg interviews a battle-weary sperm to see if he is worthy of becoming a human. On Spotify ... On YouTube